Recently, There is a question comes to my mind, and bother me really bad to give a answer.

“Should I have to set a bottom line to myself? and never let me and others cross it”.

Soon, the question comes to another.

“In what ways are really turn me mad?”

Moreover, the madness makes me feel unhappy.

I don’t understand people……

"Do I understand myself?"

No, I don’t fully understand myself, some part of myself I don’t even know yet. It makes me terrified and anxious.

“Where is the happiness?”

Freeze by adulthood. I am used to be happy when I was a child and didn’t aware the happiness. In the childhood, I can cry, jump, shouting…...The moment I feel bad that moment consume the negative emotions. However, The happiness grows with pain, judgment, misunderstanding, punishment, controlled…… Unfortunately, The older I become, the true feelings are hidden and more happiness want to be freeze.

“Is there any adulthood happiness?"

A lot. Career achievement, Win a lottery, Get degrees, Fall in love…...

"Am I believe in love?"

I do, and always will. No one wanna to be dead alone. Everyone want committed to someone with true feeling and fully accepted by others. Fall in love with someone seems to be easier than getting along with someone.

To make the happiness permanent, Let’s sign the agreement, get married, have a kid, and live in a cosily family.

Family is a formal and popular pattern of adulthood happiness. Like fairy tale said “Living happily ever after……”. However, The most tough part is dealing with relationship.

"What is best part in relationship?”

Getting to know myself and care others feeling.

“What is worst part?”

Unacceptable to each other and stop loving......

"Do I stop thinking about love?"

Yes, sometimes. It get hurt, sacred, refuse, shame, and extremely vulnerable……

“Who should be blame?”

We all have been impossible......Quiet often ~!
We’re all crazy. No one is sane......

"Any Hope?"

Let’s go easy on one another......
I can always, if it becomes truly unbearable, run away......

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